The Buchla 200e is, as its creator put it, a "bizarre electronic musical instrument."

Mutierend uses the Buchla 200e to create the dark soundscapes and complex timbres in his music. It features prominently on the Fallen Into Atmosphere album.

"We define the 200e synthesizer as analog. By that, we are describing the aspect that the user contacts as analog. The underlying circuitry is a hybrid mix, constantly flowing from one domain to the other , not even predictable from one module to the next, always designed for uncompromising performance, never for adherence to a design style." - Don Buchla

Sound Generation
258e Dual Programmable Oscillator 
259e Twisted Waveform Generator 
260e Duophonic Pitch Class Generator
261e Complex Waveform Generator 
268e Graphic Waveform Generator




Audio Modulation 
207e Mixer/Preamplifier 
210e Control and Signal Router 
285e Frequency Shifter 
291e Triple Morphing Filter 
292e Quad Dynamics Manager 
296e Spectral Processor

Control Voltage Modulation 
223e Tactile Input Port  
223e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input Port 
251e Quad Sequential Voltage Source 
256e Quad Control Voltage Processor 
266e Source of Uncertainty 
281e Quad Function Generator 
282e Quad Transevent Generator